April’s Earth Day Box Learn about the the layers of the earth and explore vocabulary cards to support explaining climate change. Explore ways to help the environment with a set of ‘I Love The Earth’ cards, play a fun recycling game to help children understand what can be recycled, and build a small world rainforest to learn about their importance in keeping our planet healthy. Make a pair of recycled sandals, an eco warrior nature crown and a mindful squeezy balloon. Bake a batch of Earth Day cookies, plant a wildflower seeded globe and experiment with newspaper printing to print globes. buy this box March’s Owl Box
Learn about the life cycle and parts of an owl, and find out what’s inside an owl pellet. Explore the five species of owls found in the UK, with 3-part Montessori classification cards, and discover some interesting facts about owls. There’s a sweet wooden owl included to make rubbings with, feathers to make an owl mask, and felt and wool to make a pine cone owl. Set up a sensory story tray inspired by the much loved Owl Babies book, and experiment with loose shapes to create an owl. Prepare a tasty owl snack, and slow down with two owl colouring sheets.
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cardboard beetles February’s Beetle Box Learn about different types of beetles with Montessori classification cards and practice counting with 1-20 beetle number cards. Discover the life cycle and anatomy of a beetle, and explore some fascinating facts about them. Use templates to make cardboard beetles to paint and draw around a beautiful wooden beetle stencil and decorate with colourful foil. Craft a spoon beetle to thread pasta legs and promote fine motor skills, create some love bug art, set up a sensory flour tray to find paper beetles in, and go outside to make leaf beetles. buy this box The Birthday Celebration Box
Build childhood memories by creating birthday traditions that can be revisited year after year with our Birthday Celebrations Box. We have gathered together Montessori and Waldorf traditions to help you celebrate your child’s special day and mark the passage of time. All the activities and ideas in this box have been practiced and celebrated for over 30 years in our co-founder Paula’s much loved Montessori nurseries. buy this box
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June’s seasonal Peas and Pod box

The summer solstice and midsummer are the inspiration for this month’s box.

Learn about the layers of the sun and the summer solstice, and play a Montessori sun activity about the power of the sun as well as the food chain. Make a sundial clock, a peg sun and a suncatcher hoop. Paint sun mono prints, and create magical moments around the summer solstice and Midsummer including making fairy gardens and magical potions. Plus mindfulness activities and Positive Parenting inspiration