*Please note that this is a digital download, not an actual box. You’ll need to separately purchase some craft materials for some of the activities.

Spring, the season of new life and new beginnings, is the theme of this box.

Inside this download, you’ll find the following content:

🐸 Life cycle of a frog to print out

🐸 Anatomy of a frog to print out

🐤 Life cycle of a chicken wheel to print out and make

🌖 Astronomical Seasons information sheet to print out

🌼 Montessori 3-part Spring flower information cards to print out

🔢 0-10 counting cards to introduce loose counting to print out

🎋 How to create an Easter tree

🐸 How to make an origami frog

🐥 How to make a pom-pom chick

🐥 How to make a pine cone chick

🌸 How to do child-led flower painting

🍵 How to make nettle tea

🐸 How to create a leaf frog

👩‍👩‍👧 Positive Parenting inspiration

This downloadable box is delivered as a zipped PDF, with high resolution artwork you can print at home