Gardeners find snails a menace yet children find them fascinating, and love finding them in their garden or the park.

Inside this box you’ll find:

🐌  The life cycle and anatomy of the snail

🐌  Interesting facts about snails

3️⃣  Explore different types of snails with our 3-part Montessori classification cards

👨‍🎨  A pack of ökoNORM eco clay and real snail shells to make your own snails at home

🐌  How to make cardboard snails using your Peas and Pod box

👨‍🍳  A recipe for delicious cheesy snails

🐌  Make a snail trail that your creations can travel on

🌀 Let your child’s imagination enjoy experimenting with making sensory flour coils

🍃 Go outside to collect natural treasures to create a nature spiral

🔢 A snail inspired maths activity to practice number sequencing from 1-20

✂️ A cutting and creativity activity that references the work of Henry Matisse’s collage ‘The Snail

👨‍👩‍👦  Plus Positive Parenting inspiration