We think dandelions are so special that they deserve a box of their own! They are the inspiration for this box from May 2021 – there are plenty of activities inside to keep your little ones occupied throughout the month.

Inside this box you’ll find:

🟡 the life cycle and parts of a dandelion

🌼 3-part Montessori dandelion classification cards with some facts to share about this magical and versatile plant

🍵 how to make dandelion tea and dandelion fritters

🥣 how to set up a sensorial dandelion soup activity

🌼 how make a dandelion crown

🔨 experiment with dandelion imprinting with a cotton bag

☀️ how to use dandelions and cyanotype paper to make sun prints

🖌 how to set up child-led abstract dandelion art

🌼 a dandelion sorting activity

🔢 1-10 dandelion themed counting cards with numbers to match

👨‍👨‍👧 Plus Practical Life activities and Positive Parenting inspiration


Our boxes are always intended as a starting point to inspire you and your child to create, explore and learn together, creating seasonal rhythms and traditions in your family life.

£1 of every sale will be donated to Little Village via Work for Good.