*Please note that this is a digital download, not an actual box. You’ll need to separately purchase craft materials for some of the activities.

The Lunar New Year is the inspiration for this box. It is a 15-day festival that begins with the first new moon of the lunisolar calendar and lasts until the next full moon.

Inside this box you’ll find:

🧧 12 x information cards about Chinese New Year traditions

🌓 Montessori 3-part classification cards with the phases of the moon

🔢 Counting cards from 0-10 in both Chinese and English

🐀 The story of the Great Race

🐅 A Chinese zodiac signs and dates chart

🌾 Life cycle of a rice plant with words to match

🐉 How to make a Chinese dragon puppet

🌸 How to make tissue paper blossom branches

🌸 How to do blossom printing

🏮 How to make a Chinese lantern

🔥 How to make charcoal to use as ink

🥟 How to make vegetable dumplings

✍🏽 Mindful Chinese character tracing with charcoal ink

👩‍👦‍👦 Plus Positive Parenting inspiration

This downloadable box is delivered as a zipped PDF, with high resolution artwork you can print at home. The download link provided will be valid for 45 days.