*Please note that this is a digital download, not an actual box. You’ll need to separately purchase some craft materials for some of the activities.

Earth Day is observed on the 22nd April every year, but the awareness of caring for our earth is something we can practice all year round.

Inside this downloadable box:

🌍  A set of 7 vocabulary cards to support explaining climate change

🌏  A set of 10 ‘I Love The Earth’ cards with small acts you can do to help the environment

🌎  Learn about the the layers of the earth with words to match

♻️  Play a fun recycling game to help children understand what can be recycled

🦜  Build a small world rainforest and learn about their importance in keeping our planet healthy

♻️  Make a pair of recycled sandals

👑  Make an eco warrior nature crown

🎈  Make a mindful squeezy balloon

🌍  Bake a batch of Earth Day cookies

🎨  Experiment with newspaper printing to print globes

👨‍👩‍👧  Plus Positive Parenting inspiration

This downloadable box is delivered as a zipped PDF, with high resolution artwork you can print at home