*Please note that this is a digital download, not an actual box. You’ll need to separately purchase some craft materials for some of the activities.

We think dandelions are so special that they deserve a box of their own! They grow profusely in May and June, but don’t forget to leave some for bees and butterfly larvae, as they are an important source of food for them, providing both pollen and nectar.

Inside this box you’ll find:

🟑 the life cycle and parts of a dandelion to print

πŸ”’ 1-10 dandelion themed counting cards with numbers to match to print

🌼 3-part Montessori dandelion classification cards to print, with some facts to share about this magical and versatile plant

🍡 how to make dandelion tea and dandelion fritters

πŸ₯£ how to set up a sensorial dandelion soup activity

🌼 how to make a dandelion crown

πŸ”¨ experiment with dandelion imprinting

β˜€οΈ how to use dandelions and cyanotype paper to make sun prints

πŸ˜€ make your own dandelion emotion cards

πŸ–Œ how to set up child-led abstract dandelion art

🌼 a dandelion sorting activity

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§ Plus Positive Parenting inspiration

This downloadable box is delivered as a zipped PDF, with high resolution artwork you can print at home