Build childhood memories by creating birthday traditions that can be revisited year after year with our Birthday Celebration Box. We have gathered together Montessori and Waldorf traditions to help you celebrate your child’s special day and mark the passage of time. All the activities and ideas in this box have been practiced and celebrated for over 30 years in our co-founder Paula’s much loved Montessori nurseries, and we hope your family will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed crafting them!

We suggest ordering this box in advance of your child’s birthday, to ensure you have enough time to prepare the contents.

With this box, you can:

🥳 Learn how to create a Montessori birthday ceremony

👑 Create a personalised birthday crown for your child – these crowns are a Waldorf tradition and mark your child as the centre of joy and celebration, and make wonderful keepsakes. Includes a piece of thick white felt, a selection of coloured wools, two felting needles, rainbow ribbon, crown templates and design element templates

🌏 Make a papier-mâché globe for a Montessori Birthday Walk. Includes a world map to cut out for your globe

🕰 Make a Montessori timeline of your child’s life. Includes string and mini wooden pegs and a handpainted card

🎨 Explore Waldorf art cards with the different months of the year and the four seasons. Includes 16 specially commissioned Waldorf watercolour cards

🕯 Roll a beeswax candle to use in a celebration of life ceremony. Includes a large sheet of beeswax and a wick

☀️ Make a wooden sun candle holder. Includes 2 wooden suns and a metal candle holder for the sun candle holder

🌱 Plant a seeded card with a birthday wish. Includes 2 wildflower seeded globes

🎉 Find ideas for recipes, party games and sustainable take home gift ideas in our eco party planner booklet

This box is A4 sized, double the size of our seasonal boxes.

Caution: contains sharp felting needles for adult use only. Please ensure children are supervised at all times when using this box.