Beetles are nature’s housekeepers, and an enormously important part of our ecosystem; they are the inspiration for this box, which has plenty of activities to keep you and your child busy, both at home and when you’re out and about.

Inside this box you can:

🔢 Practice counting with 1-20 beetle inspired number cards

🐞 Learn about 7 different types of beetles with 3-part Montessori classification cards

🪲 Find out about the life cycle and parts of a beetle

🔍 Discover fascinating beetle facts

🎨 Use our templates to make cardboard beetles to paint or colour

✏️ Draw around a beautiful wooden beetle stencil and decorate with colourful foil

🥄 Craft a spoon beetle to thread pasta legs and promote fine motor skills

❤️ Create some love bug art

🔍 Set up a sensory flour tray to find paper beetles in

🖍 Mindful beetle colouring sheet

🍁 Go outside to make leaf beetles

👨‍👩‍👧  Plus Positive Parenting inspiration