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July’s Beach Box
The beach is the inspiration for this month’s box.

Learn about the parts and life cycle of a crab and find out about rock pools with a set of Montessori 3-part classification cards. Try creating your own rock pool with shells and eco clay, sand writing to encourage and develop writing skills, a Practical Life magnetic fishing game and a beach scavenger hunt. Explore a maths activity with different types of British shells, learn how to make a mindful shell mandala, and a cute pebble pet.
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June’s Midsummer Box Learn about the layers of the sun and the summer solstice, and play a Montessori sun activity about the power of the sun as well as the food chain. Make a sundial clock, a peg sun and a suncatcher hoop. Paint sun mono prints, and create magical moments around the summer solstice and Midsummer including making fairy gardens and magical potions. Plus mindfulness activities and Positive Parenting inspiration The summer solstice and midsummer are the inspiration for this month’s box. buy this box May Dandelion box May’s Dandelion Box
We think dandelions are so special that they deserve a box of their own!

Learn about the life cycle and parts of a dandelion, 3-part Montessori dandelion classification and information cards, how to make dandelion tea and fritters, sensorial dandelion soup and a dandelion crown. Experiment with dandelion imprints and sun prints, create abstract dandelion art, explore sorting activities and 1-10 counting cards. Plus Practical Life activities and Positive Parenting inspiration.
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April’s Ladybird Box
Ladybirds emerge from hibernation in April, and are the inspiration for this month’s box.

Learn about the life cycle and anatomy of a ladybird, 0-10 counting cards with pegs and Montessori 3-part classification cards with different types of ladybirds. You’ll find ladybird crafts, including making a spinner and a fridge magnet, apple printing, ladybird poem making and a ladybird inspired sensory bin. Plus Practical Life and Forest School activities, as well as Positive Parenting inspiration.
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Founded by an award-winning Montessori and Forest School educator with over 30 years’ of experience


Enjoyable and enriching learning, connecting children to nature and seasonal rhythms


£1 from each box is donated to the charity Little Village, who support families in need


We’re environmentally conscious and plastic-free, and partner with ethical, sustainable businesses

What people are saying

“The Peas and Pod boxes are fantastic! Not only are all of the activities well thought out, engaging and creative; but they teach children all about the natural world. Sending out these boxes over lockdown to the children in our reception class really inspired them to get creative and to learn and enquire about the world around them.  Parents loved the boxes and they helped to capture and motive children’s learning at home. The boxes are AMAZING – I cannot recommend them enough.”

Grace Glanvill, EYFS teacher, Brooklands Community Primary School