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January’s Worm Box
Discover the life cycle of an earthworm with parts to match, 3-part Montessori classification cards with the parts of an earthworm, and lots of interesting facts about worms. Carry out a growing worms science experiment together, try a measuring worms maths activity, cut paper worm segments, and set up a worm race. Find out how to make worms from spaghetti, salt dough and by winding wool. Create a wormery in a jar and experiment with worm charming. There's also a sweet little crocheted worry worm in this box, and a specially created poem to read together.
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The Birthday Celebration Box

Build childhood memories by creating birthday traditions that can be revisited year after year with our Birthday Celebrations Box. We have gathered together Montessori and Waldorf traditions to help you celebrate your child’s special day and mark the passage of time. All the activities and ideas in this box have been practiced and celebrated for over 30 years in our co-founder Paula’s much loved Montessori nurseries.
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clay snails November’s Snail Box Learn about the life cycle, anatomy of the snail, discover interesting facts about snails, and 3-part Montessori classification cards with different types of snails. Make your own snails with a pack of eco clay and real snail shells, cardboard snails, and bake delicious cheesy snails. Let your child’s imagination enjoy experimenting with making sensory flour coils, nature spirals and a snail trail. There’s also a snail inspired maths activity to practice 1-20 number sequencing, and a cutting and creativity activity that references Henry Matisse’s collage ‘The Snail’. buy this box
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Founded by an award-winning Montessori and Forest School educator with over 30 years’ of experience


Enjoyable and enriching learning, connecting children to nature and seasonal rhythms


£1 from each monthly box is donated to the charity Little Village, who support families in need


We’re environmentally conscious and plastic-free, and partner with ethical, sustainable businesses

What people are saying

“The Peas and Pod boxes are fantastic! Not only are all of the activities well thought out, engaging and creative; but they teach children all about the natural world. Sending out these boxes over lockdown to the children in our reception class really inspired them to get creative and to learn and enquire about the world around them.  Parents loved the boxes and they helped to capture and motive children’s learning at home. The boxes are AMAZING – I cannot recommend them enough.”

Grace Glanvill, EYFS teacher, Brooklands Community Primary School